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The Yankees traded for Paul O'Neill 22 years ago, today

Yankees traded for O'Neill 22 years ago, today

On Nov. 3, 1992 the Yankees acquired a 30-year-old corner outfielder with one All-Star appearance and a lifetime average of .259.

Over the next nine seasons, Paul O'Neill accumulated 858 RBIs, maintained a .303 average, was part of four World Series championships and had one of the most memorable cameos in the history of Seinfeld's incredible run.

O'Neill, now 51, is still involved with the Yankees organization, covering the team as a broadcaster for the YES Network. The anniversary symbol for Year 22 is copper, so if you happen to be passing by Yankee Stadium today, flatten a penny in his honor. (Seriously, there are a bunch of those penny machines at Yankee Stadium.)


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