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These parents and their military son had an emotional reunion at Dodger Stadium

We come across these types of military reunions a lot, but I think this one of the Neel family, in particular, shows exactly why each of these is so powerful to watch.

They all start out the same -- a family with no knowledge of the situation, believing they're simply enjoying a baseball game and thinking of their loved one serving overseas. As a viewer, you know what's about to come, but they don't, and it's that tension which draws you in.

Then, they're asked to do something. Often it's to throw out the first pitch, but in this case, it's to record a message for their son. In doing it, you can hear in the Neels' voices exactly how much they miss their son, how honored they are to be his parents and how anxious they are to see him again.

In the final act, their son, Lieutenant Brandon Neel, appears, and the only thing you can see or hear is pure, absolute joy.

It's the same every time, and it's incredible every time. Have a good Memorial Day, everyone.

-- Dakota Gardner /