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This Australian home run call is the standard by which all home run calls should be measured

This Aussie homer call may be greatest HR call ever

The Australian Baseball League has been a godsend. Otherwise trapped in a cruel, baseball-less winter, the ABL has been kind enough to broadcast many of their games live on YouTube, with their next game coming up on Jan. 24 at 1:30 am ET. Set your alarms. 

And while the collection of amazing beards: 


Colin Feldtman socks

And brawls have all been very entertaining


The very best part may be Chris Coleman's calls for the Canberra Cavalry. Bringing along a delightful sense of humor, Coleman may have been at his best for this Luke Hughes home run. Here was his call: 

"Perkins is chasing ... he can keep chasing that because he's gonna need a step ladder. And then he's gonna need to put the step ladder on the other side of the fence to go and get it because it's gone into home run territory."

Click here to check it out. Believe me, hearing Coleman's call is completely worth it. 

Hughes, who famously homered in his first Major League at-bat with the Twins in 2010, had also homered earlier in the series, making sure to kiss his bicep as he crossed the plate. 

Australian Baseball, I love you. May you never end, continuing to play long after your season was supposed to be over.