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This Giants balldude is an early season contender for balldude of the year

Giants balldude has epic night in the field

In his everyday life, Mark Madden is a 58-year-old drywall contractor. He lives in Sonoma. He plays a bit of hardball in a Men's Senior Baseball League. But during Tuesday's Rockies-Giants game, Madden became the AT&T Park balldude and he had the kind of game that balldudes dream about for all of their balldude lives.

He made two fantastic catches, including this great basket grab on a sinking line drive in the fourth inning. The crowd loved it.

He also gifted a souvenir to an unsuspecting fan later in the game. Madden is like the Santa Claus of MLB.

Fans were even calling for him to be signed by the team:

Unfortunately, some other guy named Nolan Arenado made some tarp-tumbling catch that overshadowed Madden's peformance. Luckily, you can still watch his entire highlight reel in the main video above.

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