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This is what it looks like when Tony Romo manages Dirk Nowitzki in a baseball game

Dirk Nowitzki is a seven-foot German power forward who plays professional basketball for the Dallas Mavericks. Tony Romo is Jessica Simpson's ex-boyfriend a professional football player who quarterbacks the Dallas Cowboys.

Recently, both men put their silly hobbies aside to focus on what really matters ... America's pastime. Nowitzki hosts an annual celebrity baseball game (not to be confused with the celebrity softball game where Kobe recently homered) that features some of Dallas' most prominent athletes. 

This year's contest included Dez Bryant, Michael Young, Monta Ellis and (obviously) Dirk himself among many others. Romo managed Dirk's team, which means he made the lineup and GOT TO WAVE DIRK IN TO SCORE. 

[h/t to Grantland, where you can find a full GIFcap of this wondrous spectacle]