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This Minor League team is starting its season with a 55-game road trip

Why are the Brewers' Double-A affiliate, the Biloxi Shuckers, spending the first 55 games of their season on the road?

A) They're trying to check off every city in Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere."

B) They're huge Jack Kerouac fans and want to celebrate his most famous novel's 58th year of existence

C) They moved from Huntsville to Biloxi in the offseason and their new stadium isn't ready for them yet.

The answer is C, but we'll give you points for A, just because their schedule could make you believe it was true. Here's what it looks like, according to

Pensacola-Mobile-Jacksonville-Pensacola-Huntsville-Jackson (Mississippi)-Jackson (Tennessee)-Huntsville-Chattanooga-Birmingham

You know what, take points for B as well. That's probably the end of a sentence in an unfinished Kerouac draft, too: 


But the Shuckers will be enacting a more modern version of Kerouac's odyssey, with more, uh, Kevin Smith-style conveniences. Said manager Carlos Subero:

"Honestly, the thing I'm most concerned about is the lack of privacy. Sometimes you need it. You might see a few guys walking around the local mall trying to find a little alone time."