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This Tigers fan has a big bat with some big-time signatures

Stanley Maul has been collecting baseball memorabilia for 60 years, but his super-sized bat is what he might be best known for. 

When he bought the lumber from a friend a few years ago, it had nothing on it. But Maul decided to turn the piece into something worthwhile, proceeding to get as many autographs as possible from the '68 World Series team, the '84 champions and the Tigers squad that reached the Fall Classic last season. He also brings the bat to Comerica Park whenever Detroit reaches the postseason for good luck.

"They don't let me take the bat into the stadium," Maul said. "I put it back in the car. They think it's a weapon. It's not a weapon with 38 autographs on it."

The Allen Park native explained that he's gotten most of his autographs at baseball card shows or player appearances at Minor League ballgames.

big bat

Oh, and Maul also has a 1952 Mickey Mantle rookie card in his collection. A $15,000 surprise in a pack he bought for just $100.