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The Tigers join the ballpark food party with this bacon-and-eggs picnic delight

Tigers introduce deviled egg-topped bacon on a stick

How truly lucky we are to be living in the renaissance of ballpark food. After all, the churro dog is basically the Sistine Chapel of desserts, and the S'mOreo is the "Mona Lisa." Now the Tigers are adding to the canon with two new culinary offerings.

One is so simple and delicious, I'm surprised it hasn't been a ballpark staple for years. It's like painting in two dimensions for centuries, then suddenly discovering perspective:

Yes, pork rinds in a bag. Plus cheese. How are these not as common as Cracker Jacks?

But the Tigers' piece de resistance (their "Pietà", if you will), is this deconstruction of bacon and eggs:

Not only is it bizarrely visually appealing, it's also a game. The bacon is on a stick, which means you and a friend can both get one and race to your seats while attempting to balance everything perfectly atop it. The person who makes it back with all their eggs intact gets to … well, eat all their eggs. Anyone interested? 


Fantastic. See you and Ron Swanson at Comerica Park this summer. 

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