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Tigers wear Zubaz on flight out of Boston, plane breaks under sheer weight of ridiculousness

Tigers wear Zubaz on flight and break plane

All seemed well in Boston on Sunday night. The Tigers swept the Red Sox at Fenway for the first time since 1983, and they were ready to fly to Cleveland for their next series. As serious professional athletes, they always comport themselves as such. Etiquette demands that one dress for travel, and the Tigers are nothing if not strict believers in etiquette:

Justin Verlander even wore a tie:

(Note to self: does Zubaz make ties? Find out for Father's Day. Maybe JV has an Etsy store?)

They had all the necessary supplies for a good trip, including a guitar, presumably for an acoustic sing-a-long of "Turn Down For What":

Finally, they were up in the air:


But wait, this doesn't look like a plane:



Of course, planes are but human-made objects fighting gravity to stay aloft, and everyone knows that if enough Zubaz sweatsuits are gathered in one place, they will create a vortex of ridiculousness so powerful that the laws of physics cease to apply.

On the bright side, now we have Bored Maz Scherzer: 








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