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Time to laugh your face off at 10 of Will Ferrell's most memorable moments

Will Ferrell has conquered many sports in his career -- basketball, figure skating, soccerNASCAR racing. But over the years, the SNL alumnus has gravitated to the ol' baseball diamond more than any other playing field.

Whether it was his memorable Harry Caray impression:

Or that time he took the mound for the Round Rock Express:

Or his reading of the lineup for the Cubs (and Dodgers):

Or his ... unique way of honoring the career of Derek Jeter:

On Thursday, Ferrell will get one more chance to show off his baseball skills. He'll suit up for 10 different Cactus League teams as part of #FerrellTakesTheField, a special partnership between MLB and HBO which will feature the SNL-alum playing every position on the diamond in a single day. The whole thing will be filmed for a Funny or Die HBO special dedicated to charity organizations like Cancer for College.

With all of that in mind, let's take a look at 10 of the most memorable moments of Will Ferrell's career because, well, who doesn't want to spend a good half hour laughing instead of working?

Celebrity Jeopardy

There are many game show parodies, but there is only one Celebrity Jeopardy. And, perhaps most impressively, Ferrell commanded this sketch despite playing the ostensible straight man:


What's more impressive: That Ferrell was able to make a Christmas movie that is legitimately hilarious, or that said movie has now become a holiday staple? 

More Cowbell

Christopher Walken has been in more than 100 films, including such classics as The Deer Hunter, Pulp Fiction and Gigli- er, I mean, Catch Me If You Can. And yet, if you were to ask a sizable portion of the population what their favorite Walken moment is, they'll direct you to this six-minute chunk of mania -- written by Ferrell:

Talladega Nights

If you've ever spent more than 10 minutes around a NASCAR race, you'll know that everything about this movie rings true. And, if you haven't, it's still hysterical. Having Sacha Baron Cohen (of Borat fame) co-starring alongside Ferrell just made the film that much stronger.

George W. Bush

One of the tricks to sticking around on Saturday Night Live is to do a really, really good impression of the president. There's a long history of them, from Chevy Chase's Gerald Ford to Jay Pharoah's Barack Obama. But, one of the best was Ferrell's version of George W. Bush. 

Seriously -- remember "strategery?" Well, that wasn't an actual Bushism: that was Will Ferrell.

Spartan Cheerleaders

The Ferrell b-sides on SNL are so good and so plentiful that he received not just one, but three separate "Best Of" releases containing his most memorable material from the show. The Spartan Cheerleaders are as good a recurring sketch as you'll find on SNL, and the fact that this role can be considered a secondary character for Ferrell just shows how prolific he was in his time at Studio 8H:

James Lipton

This bit parodying Inside the Actors Studio is not so much a comedy sketch as it is a perfect recreation of exactly what Inside the Actor's Studio is like.

Robert Goulet

There's a thing that happens with some celebrities where, at a certain point, we no longer do impressions of them. Instead, we do impressions of people doing impressions of them. Ask someone on the street to do an impression of singer Robert Goulet, and they will very likely wind up doing an impression of Ferrell's memorable version:

A Night at the Roxbury

Try listening to "What is Love" at a party without everyone in the room doing that dance. You know the one:


Shakespeare had Hamlet, Orson Welles had Citizen Kane and Will Ferrell has Anchorman. You probably know every word of this movie by now, so why not just join us in a sing-along:

That's really just a drop in the bucket -- what are you favorite Will Ferrell moments, either baseball-oriented or otherwise? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @Cut4.