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10 do's and don'ts for any aspiring Major League ballboy or ballgirl

The Orioles recently announced that they will hold ballgirl/ballboy tryouts at Camden Yards on March 1. Think you have what it takes? Here are 10 important tips to help you brush up on the art of foul-line fielding:

1. Do lay out for grounders if you can catch them. Even if you're wearing shorts:

Brewers, ballboy

2. Don't lay out for grounders if you're not going to catch them:

Giants ball dude

3. Do save players from stray foul balls:

Rays ballboy


4. Don't call off players on playable foul balls:

KC ballboy

5. Do sacrifice your body in the name of the home fans:

Dane De La Rosa

6. Don't sacrifice your body if you can't catch the ball:

Twins ballboy, dive

7. Do give foul balls to fans:


8. Don't give fair balls to fans:

Hooters girl

9. Do this with your helmet:


10. But don't ever let someone do this to your helmet:

WBC cup

Got all that? Good. Now, who's making the trip to Baltimore?