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Todd Frazier's pregame ritual includes a different handshake for every player

Todd Frazier has a special handshake for each player

We've seen some great handshakes, like Adam Wainwright's "Walk Like an Egyptian" and Panda and Pence's Pound, Point, Swing Dance. We can't speak for quality, but when it comes to quantity Reds infielder and noted Goosebumps fan Todd Frazier has got them all beat.

He starts with your traditional chest bump:


Then moves on to the "is this a fight or a high five?":


The forearm-five is a big part of his repertoire:


Occasionally seasoned with a touch of the hustle:


Sometimes, they're less handshakes and more hand-crushes:  


In fact, his handshake arsenal is almost complete. He's only missing one thing: 


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