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Tony Plush reminds us that a universe exists outside San Diego, will play in Korea next season

While San Diego and the MLB Winter Meetings might appear to be the nucleus of the universe, at least for this week, demanding our attention like The Ring enraptures the fiery eye of Sauron, there is one man who dares to force us to reevaluate our reality: Tony Plush, aka Nyjer Morgan.

In a move set firmly outside the confines of Mordor -- er, San Diego -- Morgan, who of course often goes by the name of his alter-ego Tony Plush, has announced that he will be playing in Korea next year, with the Hanwha Eagles.

Perhaps this is like that time Aragorn and Gandalf staged a storming of the Black Gate to draw Sauron's gaze while Frodo and Sam strolled casually to Mt. Doom. Or perhaps T-Plush simply wanted a change of scenery and a new challenge.


Morgan played 15 games with the Indians in 2014, batting .341/.429/.439, and showing off graceful moves like the one abovebefore being released in early August after bouts with a knee injury.

Before the 2014 season, Morgan was in Japan with the Yokohama DeNa Baystars where he batted a .294/.361/.434 line in 108 games. And having sufficiently traversed the island nation, Morgan is headed back to Asia, presumably to find a new sidekick and embark on new adventures in Korea. And, you know, play some baseball.

Whatever happens, you can bet that Tony Plush will remain legendary