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Top five baseball reporter prospects who will soon be breaking Twitter

Top five baseball reporter prospects

As baseball fans, we are youth-obsessed. Sure, the current stars are exciting and all, but who doesn't love digging through Minor League rosters and prospect rankings to dream on some 17-year-old kid who just signed with your favorite team? 

That doesn't stop on the field. This offseason, a number of teenage reporters like Devan Fink and Robert Murray have beaten superstars like Ken Rosenthal and Jon Heyman to the rumor mill punch. While those two could be part of next wave of big-name reporters, who are the other prospects that we should be looking out for? 

Here are the top five: 

1. Glenn Fitz, 15 years old

Glenn, a sophomore at Johnstown High School in Johnstown, Iowa just recently caught the baseball bug. Having long been a basketball and lacrosse fan, Glenn grabbed the Twitter handle @ThisGlennFitz and has been reporting breaking news for his local high school team. His biggest scoop: Senior third baseman Ray Goots is thinking of asking his ex-girlfriend's best friend to the winter formal.

2. Miranda Husslebump, 9 years old

Miranda has always been a newshound. She told us, "When I was just a baby, I would sit for hours staring at the evening news." Eventually that led to obsessing over baseball rumors -- even keeping a spreadsheet of when news broke so she could better optimize the time that she called her agent contacts. She plans on going to San Diego for the Winter Meetings next week so she can "Get some face time, network a little and swim in the hotel pool." 

3. Tommy Cranup, 5 years old

Most kids Cranup's age are just entering T-ball. But not Tommy. While his Fredericksburg, VA peers are on the field, Cranup can be seen hanging near the dugout with a eight-pack of crayons, a blank coloring book and two smartphones in his pudgy little hands. "It's amazing to watch him work," says Fredericksburg Tigers Five-and-Unders coach Rod Towles said. "Just last week, he was the first to break news that [left fielder] Rick Ewes was going to miss the next game because he had a birthday party to attend to. He knew before I did!" 

4. Stacy Fielder, 18 months old

Though Stacy has just begun speaking, baseball pundits are already excited by her progress. While most babies say "Mama" or "Dada" first, Stacy's first words were: "As originally reported by Ken Rosenthal."

While her father was changing her diaper a week later, Stacy either said "Blue Jays to acquire Josh Donaldson" or "Boo jaa looo babababa doooonal." 

5. Undecided, Third trimester

Though unsure of the sex of their child (due in early January), the expectant parents have said that their first child will be named Roger if it's a boy or Kendall if it's a girl. They've even set up two Twitter accounts for each, @RogerMLBNews and @KendallMLBNews. "We don't want he, or she, to be behind the eight ball in their new baseball career" said the excited father-to-be Tom Kramer. And it's true -- each account now boasts over 8,000 followers. 

As for how the happy couple knows their child will soon be breaking news? "We were watching TV the other night when the Hanley Ramirez signing went down," said the pregnant mother, Jasmine. "And I asked my husband, 'did he really sign with the Red Sox?' Sure enough I got two little kicks from the baby as if to say that the deal is confirmed. We can't wait until he or she is old enough to talk -- we're sure there are plenty of unreported rumors just swirling around in there."