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Torii Hunter once pulled a home run robbery so bonkers, even the announcer thought it was gone

Torii Hunter once stole a HR and fooled the announcer

Sure, he may play the role of grizzled veteran (and expert bat-flipper) for the Twins these days, but not so long ago, Torii Hunter was one of the most physically remarkable players in the game. Everything in center field -- and sometimes beyond -- was in his range, and he routinely made plays you couldn't quite believe. 

Case in point: The Great Dinger Robbery of Sept. 12, 2003, committed against poor Casey Blake of the Indians. With Minnesota trailing Cleveland by a run in the bottom of the seventh, Blake launched one to deep center field that looked like it would leave the yard. Unfortunately, Torii Hunter did not approve:

Hunter catch

The kicker, though, is the commentary: The announcer gives the traditional "At the track, at the waaaaaall, it's gone!" until a few seconds later he realizes his mistake and adds "...oh, he caught it." We know how you feel, man. 

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