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The Kansas City and Toronto libraries are waging a delightful Twitter war using book spine poetry

Toronto and K.C. libraries waging ALCS Twitter war

This year's ALCS is far more than just a clash between baseball teams and bat-flipping mayors. It's a battle of cultures -- Canada vs. the Midwest; barbecue vs. poutine; and now, thanks to the wonders of Twitter, Toronto's public library vs. Kansas City's public library. 

It all began so innocently, with a perfectly pleasant greeting as the two teams were set to face off in Game 1:

But after the Royals took the first two games in K.C., not even the most tempered and literate of Missourans were immune from a little book-related gloating:

 It took their Canadian counterpart a day to lick their wounds, but they would not take such egregious insult lying down:

And, sure enough, once the Jays had fought back to force a Game 6 on Friday night, Toronto made sure K.C. heard about it: 

 At this point, there was only one solution -- bring "Monty Python" into the fray:

And K.C. did not let up: 

Of course, Toronto wasn't about to be out-rhymed: 

They even enlisted the help of the CBC Morning Show: 

But K.C. was ready to fight back: 

While Kansas City has to be docked for using tape to alter one of their book spines -- in clear violation of Official Spine Poetry rule 2(a) paragraph B, subsection 1 (that we definitely did not just make up) -- this wonderfully endearing beef truly has but one winner: All of us who get to watch it unfold. 

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