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Travis Snider wears Seahawks football helmet-meets-luchador mask during interview

Travis Snider wears luchador mask during interview

Pop quiz, hotshot: You've just been traded to a new city, your favorite football team is in the Super Bowl and you're making a TV appearance -- what do you wear? 

Well, if you're Washington-born Travis Snider, you wear a vaguely frightening Seahawks football helmet-meets-luchador mask complete with Seahawks poncho on Intentional Talk. It's basically Bane if Bane decided to hang out at sports bar instead of take over Gotham. 


After revealing for anyone looking to complete the Snider look they'll need to head to Mexico, Snider took a page from the Marshawn Lynch playbook and admitted that he was only doing the interview, so he "won't get fined."

Which, hey, maybe for Lynch's next interview he'll follow Snider's lead and show up in a luchador's mask and poncho, too.

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