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Troy Tulowitzki disregards simple 6-3 putout, sends ball to third base before out at first

There are few plays in baseball more straightforward than a ground ball hit to shortstop and the subsequent throw to first for an out. It is something that happens hundreds of times every season. Troy Tulowitzki has probably made more than a thousand of these plays in his 9-year, 2,967-assist career.

So, occasionally, it's nice to mix things up. Like, say, sending the ball to third base for a quick pit stop before heading over to first.


In Tuesday's Rockies-Angels Spring Training game, when Tulowitzki flipped Albert Pujols' grounder to Nolan Arenado, he was likely hoping for a 6-5-3 double play. But while Arenado's throw eventually nabbed Pujols at first, Kole Calhoun made it safely to third. Thus, a 6-5-3 putout at first.

The alternative is that Tulo wanted to add a wrinkle to the simple 6-3 groundout. In that case, mission accomplished.