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Someone's credit card fell out on the Petco Park field, but Tsuyoshi Wada was there to help

Tsuyoshi Wada finds credit card on field

Ever wondered how baseball players make online purchases in the middle of games? I mean, how can someone wait for three hours or so when there's a flash sale on dog mullet wigs? (Sadly, a real thing.)

Well, wonder no more: They simply hide a credit card under their cap. Just watch Tsuyoshi Wada as he walks off the field after the third inning on Wednesday night and ... whoops. Secret's out. 


In actuality, the card didn't belong to Wada, nor was he hiding it under his hat (that's an optical illusion of the GIF). It's a shame really -- we choose to believe in that more magical world, but, alas -- he simply found it on the field and was trying to make sure it found its rightful owner:

As Tsuyoshi Wada walked off the mound after the third inning, he stopped to pick up a credit card that was on the grass in foul territory. The left-hander didn't recognize the name on it and gave it to a security guard.

Cubs manager Joe Maddon didn't see what happened.

"I'll check my wallet," Maddon said. "He's going to go out and have a good time tonight."

As for the rest of Wada's performance, it was pretty good. In his 2015 debut, Wada struck out nine batters in just 4 2/3 innings pitched. The last pitcher to pull that off: Michael Wacha on April 23, 2014 when he struck out 10 batters in only four innings of work. 

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