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Two different Reds fans give up the same souvenir to younger kid, nail foul ball etiquette

Reds fans pass around foul ball, give it to young fan

Over the years, a set of unwritten foul ball rules have been passed down at ballparks around MLB -- namely, always be willing to give your souvenir up, preferably to an adorable little kid, or be prepared to come off kind of bad on live TV

During the Reds-Brewers game on Monday, though, some Cincy fans behind the first-base dugout decided to go above and beyond the call, melting our cold hearts and setting a new standard for general awesomeness:

Reynolds outline

Yes, that's not one, but two selfless giveaways to younger fans. On the same foul ball. Without much of a second thought. You stay classy, Cincinnati. 

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