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Two games, two triples: Mark 'Triplin' Trumbo is a three-bagger machine

Quick! Guess who's leading MLB in triples this year? Nope, it's not Billy Hamilton. It's not Dee Gordon. It's definitely not Lance "One Dog" Johnson (sadly, he retired 15 years ago). 

It is Mark Daniel Trumbo.

The D-backs first baseman/outfielder clubbed a three-bagger on Tuesday night against the Giants (check it out in the main video above). He also did the same exact thing on Opening Day:

Mark Trumbo is a three-baggin' god! He has a need for speed! His nickname is Mark "Triplin'" Trumbo!

To be honest, none of that is true. Trumbo is currently leading the league in triples (along with Sam Fuld), but has just nine in his career. He had one last year and two the year before. 

But still, this is the year we're banking on 162.