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Watch this Miami senior finish a perfect game -- and listen to his brother's radio call

University of Miami senior Javi Salas spent Tuesday evening rewriting the collegiate record books by tossing the second perfect game in Hurricanes history during a matchup with Villanova.

Salas, a 38th-round draft pick by the Twins in 2013, struck out six batters and threw 113 pitches en route to the 22nd perfecto in NCAA Division I history.

Perfect games in MLB are certainly rarer, with only 23 since the 1800's (most recently, King Felix's 12-strikeout opus), but comparing perfect games is a bit like comparing Picassos -- some are better, but they're all, you know, perfect.

Here's the video of the final out -- proof that a perfect game is a once-in-a-lifetime thrill at any level:

And to make it even more special, Salas' brother Jorge did the radio call: