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Orioles complete four-game sweep of Rangers, Adam Jones pies MASN sound guy to celebrate

Jones pies sound guy after series win

The Orioles topped off a four-game sweep of the Rangers on Thursday, and outfielder Steve Pearce was a large part of the reason why. 

Pearce went 4-for-5 on the night with two doubles, two RBIs and two stolen bases, and as has become the custom in Baltimore, he nervously awaited a celebratory pie-to-the-face during his postgame interview.

After some assurances from the O's broadcast team that there was no imminent pieing, Pearce opened up about the importance of the series win and how well the Orioles have been playing of late.

But then, outfielder Adam Jones came sprinting in from the dugout: pie in hand. Pearce caught a glimpse of him at the last second, and Jones moved to strike ...

The MASN sound guy:


Heed the warning -- if you plan on being anywhere near the Orioles dugout after a win, you'd better bring a towel.

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