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Well, this might be the most amazing fan catch video ever

We consider ourselves well-versed in the art of fan catches, but this is on another level. Not just because of the catch, mind you, but because of the entire experience that is this video.

First of all, the catch is great. Steve from Blue's Clues this guy lays out for the ball, crashing into a non-padded, non-ivied fence. If the play ended there, it would still be a national treasure.

Then -- wow. The video takes a turn for the dada-esque.

Does the play-by-play guy know what's happening on screen? Did he make the package himself? He just goes right back to the replay like it ain't no thing -- like we didn't just see a cat pretending to be the dramatic chipmunk.

I can't stop watching this video. I won't stop watching this video. This video is what Minor League Baseball is -- at its very core -- and we should all be eternally grateful for that.

(h/t @cjzero for the Blue's Clues resemblance)