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Aroldis Chapman just set a strikeout record -- here's how he did it

Here are five of Aroldis Chapman's nastiest pitches

Since August 21, 2013, Aroldis Chapman has quietly maintained one of the most impressive streaks in baseball.

The Reds reliever had recorded at least one strikeout in his last 49 consecutive relief appearances, but on Friday, that streak came to a close just before he made it 50.

Even still, that's 10 more appearances than Bruce Sutter, whose record Chapman officially surpassed on July 12.

But it's hard to be surprised that a strikeout artist like Chapman is blowing through records like, well, a 100-mph fastball. Watch the video above for proof of his mastery, but understand that these pitches are so filthy you might have to clear your browser history after. 

For those too faint-of-heart to click "play" above (trust us, we understand), here are five of Chapman's nastiest pitches:

Chapman's strikeout rate is 17.84 K/9, the highest of his career. When he's throwing fastballs like this, it's no surpise:


This fastball is so fast that it could outrun your resting heart rate. This fastball is so fast that it could speed past Usain Bolt. This fastball is so fast that is could fly around the Earth and reverse its rotation:


We've seen Chapman's bread and butter, but his second pitch is just as fierce as his first. This slider seems like another fastball, and a hittable one at that, until suddenly -- where did it go? Bang, to the right, and as out of reach as a dream: 


Though he seems to have taken it off of the menu in the last month, when Chapman has his changeup under control, it's just as deadly. Look at Cutch down there -- the only thing he expected less was the Spanish Inquisition:


Just one more 100-mph-fastball for the road. You know you can't look away:


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