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Listen to Bob Uecker tell a charming story about his friendship with Bud Selig

Uecker tells lovely story about friendship with Selig

Now that Bud Selig's tenure as Commissioner is almost over, that means one thing: Time for his friends and colleagues to give him a little bit of a roasting. 

At a farewell dinner on Thursday night, baseball legends gathered to share their favorite tales of the Selig days. Hank Aaron thinks that the outgoing commish might owe him "a couple hundred dollars" and Robin Yount does a pretty fair imitation of his batting stance, but we're really here for longtime Brewers radio broadcaster Bob Uecker. He wants us to know that his friend Al ("I can't call him Buddy!") doesn't really know how to pronouce "Babe Ruth" and once made a promise for him that he couldn't quite keep. You know it's a great story when it involves the line "he wasn't even a doctor." Click play above to listen in. 

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