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Some helpful puns for the next time Jonny and Brandon Gomes square off

 Jonny Gomes of the Red Sox came to bat against Brandon Gomes of the Rays on Tuesday. It was one of those moments of cosmic intervention, the universe serving up a pair of unrelated ballplayers with the exact same last name. The NESN broadcasters tried valiantly to come up with a suitable joke for the matchup but could only offer "Gomes Squared" and "Coming or Gomes." 

Today, we hope to serve the announcers of the future when faced with another Gomes versus Gomes scenario. So please, NESN or the rest of the world, crib freely:

- "These are just your standard variety garden Gomes."

- [With a Hank Schrader impression]: "Hey, Gomie!"

- "Gomes with the Wind" (Alternatively, "Gomes with the Win" should Brandon Gomes be credited with a win)

- "Do these guys have rabies? Because they're Gomesing at the mouth!"

- "Forget Game of Thrones, this is where the real drama is. Gomes of Thrones." 

- "Do my eyes deceive me? Or are there two spherical or partially spherical lattice shell structured objects on the field? You know, two geodesic Gomes." 

Okay, you know what, I take it all back. Coming up with a good Gomes pun is harder than it looks…

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