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Carlos Gomez says hitting cleanup makes him feel like 'the man'

When Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez looked at the lineup card Friday night, he noticed that he wasn't listed as the leadoff hitter. It was certainly an oddity -- Gomez had led off for the Brewers in 42 of their previous 48 games.

His first assumption was that he had, for some reason, been benched. When he went to complain to manager Ron Roenicke, however, he discovered that he missed one crucial detail:

He wasn't benched -- he was batting cleanup:


Gomez went on to have a huge game, going 4-for-5 with three doubles and two RBIs -- an excellent night for any hitter out of the four-hole.

After the game, Gomez was asked whether batting cleanup gave him an extra bit of power:

"I mean, it's a really good feeling. You know? You come to the plate like, 'I'm the man.' You feel sexy. It's a little bit -- you enjoy it."

Hey Carlos, maybe try this walkup song on for size: