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Fan tries to catch foul ball with nachos, gets neither

Fan attempts to catch foul ball with nachos

Dear MLB fans:

We hope you catch lots and lots of foul balls. We especially hope you catch them in bizarre and interesting ways, so we can write about you and tell you how cool you are. We know you particularly like to catch balls in food. But for every miraculous culinary snag, there's, well, this:


But you're an optimistic set of people, so you keep trying to make food catches happen. On Saturday afternoon, this Cubs fan went after a Jorge Soler foul ball with nothing but hope and a box of nachos:


So maybe that catch wasn't entirely succesful, but it's OK. Keep on keepin' on, you crazy kids. We have no doubt that one day you'll reach the Popcorn Pirate apex, and until then, you're putting together a great highlight reel:

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