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The power of dance helped the Royals strike out batters and clinch the division title

Cueto uses power of dance to strike out Nelson Cruz

If I've learned anything from all of the movies I watched as a teenager, it's that the greatest force in the world is dance. It's stronger than sorcery, superpowers and probably even gravity. I submit the film "Save the Last Dance" as my theoretical proof.

Disagree with me? Well, then you also disagree with Johnny Cueto. In the third inning of Thursday's Mariners-Royals game, with two outs, Cueto had Nelson Cruz at a 3-2 count. Then, he unleashed the power of dance:


See? The sheer might of Cueto's moves sat Cruz down. Oh, and his 94-mph fastball. That probably had something to do with it, too. 

But that's not all rhythm did for the Royals. When the Twins lost to the Indians, KC's magic number went down to one. Dance, as we've discussed, is the most powerful magic of all. Therefore, the Royals scored seven runs in three innings and eventually defeated the Mariners, 10-4, to take their first AL Central title since 1985: 


Request granted, young fan. 

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