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D-backs fan awarded honorary contract after being hit with a foul ball

Sometimes, you do everything right, and the universe rewards you. Sometimes, you do everything right, and, well, the universe acknowledges you in a different way.

A D-backs fan was just enjoying Wednesday night's contest against the Padres when a foul ball came his way. He was paying attention and tried to make the catch, but alas, that is not what the baseball fates decreed.

The ball hit him in the face and broke his glasses, but he managed to remain in remarkably good spirits about the whole thing.

The fan, whose name is Chris, told Fox Sports Arizona's Kate Longworth that he was definitely embracing the situation. "It's not every day you get hit in the face by a foul ball at a Major League Baseball game," he said. "I had to flag down a 50-50 [raffle] person, because I feel like it's my lucky day."

The D-backs offered him an honorary contract, and the team's president and CEO Derrick Hall came down to check on him. Chris, of course, took this for the photo opportunity that it was: 


Then he told Longworth he was planning to frame the photo of himself and Hall, along with the contract, and put it on display.

Now all he needs is a new pair of glasses.