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Jacob deGrom says he's cutting his hair during the offseason

deGrom says he'll cut his hair during the offseason

Things change, people. The world turns and one day you wake up to find that nothing is the way it used to be. The New Kids on the Block are no longer kids, no one cares about your Beanie Baby collection and they don't even make the original "Law and Order" anymore. Now, in another signal of time's relentless march forward, Jacob deGrom says he's cutting his signature hair.

The information came out during his pregame presser on Tuesday, when a reporter asked him to compare his flowing locks to Johnny Cueto's.  

Q. I was just curious, between you and Johnny, who's got the better hair?
JACOB DeGROM: Me and who?

Q. Johnny Cueto. He's got those flowing dreads too.
JACOB DeGROM: I don't know, I think mine is gone at the end of the year, so I'll give that award to him. It's driving me nuts, I've got to get rid of it (laughter).

Listen, Jacob, we know it might be getting a little hard to deal with, but maybe you shouldn't cut it just yet. You never know when you might need it:


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