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Eric Hosmer explains how to play baseball with a bear, wants to become Westeros royalty

Hosmer talks hidden talents, monarchical ambitions

Eric Hosmer is many things -- Gold Glove first baseman, World Series champion, possessor of a pair of the universe's most on-fleek eyebrows. But did you know that he's also MLB's foremost expert on how to play baseball with bears? OK, hypothetical bears. During his World Series victory lap, Hosmer took a few minutes to answer some questions, one of which is about the ideal way to play baseball with wild animals. Click play above to hear his answer to that one, or to find out which teammate he'd most want to be trapped on a desert island with. 

But that's not all we talked about. Even though he's got a great starter shelf of awards, Hosmer still has plenty of things on his MLBucket list.

"Well, obviously I still have to go to Disney World," he said. "That's like the biggest thing anyone ever does when they win a championship."

Of course, Hoz is from Florida and has been to the theme park numerous times, but that's not the point. "I've been there, but I've never been as a world champion," he said. Clearly, he's continuing a grand tradition, passed on by champion players throughout the ages.

He's also considering becoming actual royalty. I asked him which country he'd like to be king of, and he went a bit outside the traditional atlas. "Got to go Westeros. That would be unbelievable. It doesn't get more powerful than that. I think that's what everybody wants."

Plus, he might as well already live in a palace. "I [was messing] with my roommates," he said. "When I first got home there were some renovations done to my house and honestly it looks like a castle with all the stuff at the front door, and I told them, 'You know, I'm just going to come in the morning and stand here and just stare off into the neighborhood and it'll just make me feel powerful and like I'm a king.'"

Artist's rendering:


Why is there a lighthouse in his yard? Listen, stop asking questions, it's creative license.

While you might not be confident that Hosmer could politic his way to the Iron Throne and defeat the hordes of supernatural threats in his way, he's pretty sure he could get it done. "I'll figure out a way," he said, about having to battle dragons and/or White Walkers. "It's a game of adjustments."

But of course, he would be confident in himself. He's not the kind of person who gives up. Then again, none of the Royals are. You've read all the postgame analysis, so you know that K.C. managed to pull off eight come-from-behind wins this postseason. According to Hosmer, it's because of an attitude that everyone on the team has.

"Whether we're playing card games, we're on the plane, or hanging out, whenever there's a debate, there's always that competitiveness that comes out in everybody," he explained. "You can just see it, because of how everyone debates on whatever they think is right. There's no winning, that's the thing. No one can ever tip the hat and say, "You're right." There's none of that. That's what makes us so good as a team."

Good thing, too:


Quick Quotes with Eric Hosmer

On whether he'd rather play with an actual gold glove or an actual silver bat:

"Everyone that wins gets the gold patch on their Rawlings label, but I definitely think they should go all out and give us all gold gloves. [But] I don't think it would help too much [with fielding]. It'd be hard to break in real gold, but it'd look real good on TV."

On strange facts about his teammates:

"I always hang out with Jarrod Dyson and Lorenzo Cain. They're obviously two of the fastest guys in the league, but whenever it comes to walking, they walk so slow. They're always like, 'Why do you walk so fast?' and I'm like, 'How are you this fast and walk so slow?'"

On his hidden talents:

"I have a real Pac-Man machine in my house, and I've kind of learned where all the stuff goes, so I can beat the game really, really quickly. I've never timed myself, but I always get to the high levels and I turn the speed way up. I love it." 

On whether it's true that Fetty Wap brought the team good luck:

"[Fetty Wap] is definitely 1-for-1 in his experiences with baseball teams. That's something cool that we all realize. I think next year if he comes and visits us, and we have the same success, then he's got to be a legend. Hopefully we're having the same interview and talking about how it is true next year." 

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