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Giants broadcasters delight in 'supermoon', turn it into world's biggest jack-o'-lantern

If you went outside last night, you might have seen what is commonly referred to as a "supermoon." In the opinion of this writer, our moon is always "super" (it is our moon, after all), but over the past couple of nights, it has appeared somewhat larger in the night sky -- earning it the mega nickname.

Thus, the oft-playful Giants broadcast team of Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow decided to break out the telestrator to give the moon something of a Fall-themed makeover:


Aw, look at how happy it is! I mean, it does have a pretty great view of the game.

Plus, as the team pointed out, ol' Luna appears to be something of a Giants fan -- a fact confirmed by our friends at NASA, who were kind enough to snap another photo of it last night: