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Giants fan fails to catch foul ball, becomes besties with Padres fan who recovers it

While the Giants were in Southern California taking on the Padres, a Giants fan in Petco Park set into motion a lovely story about a foul ball.

It all started when said fan attempted a leaping grab for a ball. Unfortunately for him, it quickly turned into a falling grab:


Don't worry -- he was okay. But his valiant attempt proved unsuccessful as a Padres fan behind him wound up recovering the sought-after sphere.

That fan, however, was so inspired by her fellow fan's effort that she offered to give the souvenir to him. But, as you can see, he wanted the spoils to go to the true victor:


The Padres fan was very thankful:


Sure, he didn't wind up keeping the foul ball, but he got the next best thing -- a new friend and a picture of the foul ball:


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