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After 14 years and 457 home runs, Adam Dunn makes his pitching debut

After 457 home runs, Adam Dunn makes pitching debut

Adam Dunn, Destroyer of Dingers and Humiliator of Hurlers, became a turncoat on Tuesday night. After years of terrorizing pitchers, knocking out 457 home runs and walking over 1,300 times during his 14 year career, Dunn got a taste of what it's like out on the mound.

During his one inning of work, which came with the White Sox trailing Texas 15-0, Dunn allowed one run on two hits and a walk -- not bad for a guy who failed to break 83 mph with his "fastball." 

Dunn even buzzed Elvis Andrus off the plate. You know, just like a real big league pitcher. 

Adam Dunn

The opposition realized they were powereless against that kind of inside heat: 

And how did Dunn's teammates respond? 

Dunn's appearance is also notable as sluggers rarely take the mound. His 457 dingers are the third-highest total for anyone to ever pitch: 

Whether this means we'll be seeing the Big Donkey come out to relieve more often, we can look to the stars and hope. 

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