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After 14 years and 457 home runs, Adam Dunn makes his pitching debut

Adam Dunn, Destroyer of Dingers and Humiliator of Hurlers, became a turncoat on Tuesday night. After years of terrorizing pitchers, knocking out 457 home runs and walking over 1,300 times during his 14 year career, Dunn got a taste of what it's like out on the mound.

During his one inning of work, which came with the White Sox trailing Texas 15-0, Dunn allowed one run on two hits and a walk -- not bad for a guy who failed to break 83 mph with his "fastball." 

Dunn even buzzed Elvis Andrus off the plate. You know, just like a real big league pitcher. 

Adam Dunn

The opposition realized they were powereless against that kind of inside heat: 

And how did Dunn's teammates respond? 

Dunn's appearance is also notable as sluggers rarely take the mound. His 457 dingers are the third-highest total for anyone to ever pitch: 

Whether this means we'll be seeing the Big Donkey come out to relieve more often, we can look to the stars and hope.