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50 Cent's physics-defying first pitch could be the worst of all-time

50 Cent's first-pitch could be the worst all-time

Hip-hop superstar and Blood on the Sand namesake, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, threw out the first pitch at Citi Field on Tuesday and it was one for the ages. No, not because Jackson revealed that he has a 95 mph fastball or dynamite spike curve, but because Jackson has the ability to defy gravity when throwing a baseball. 

Just take a look: 

50 Cent

If you break down the throw, everything seems to be in order. The leg kick looks good:

Leg kick

He's got his shoulder lined up to the catcher:


And then ... chaos reigns, the ball floating away as if it were a balloon carried by a summer breeze. Or that 50 Cent was trying to hit one of the cameramen with the ball. Or that Magneto was there, not-so-subtly influencing the direction of the throw

50 Cent

Really, 50 Cent and Carly Rae Jepson should consider a joint ballpark concert tour in which the two try and outdo the other on the first pitch. I know I would buy tickets to that. 

But no matter how the pitch turned out, everyone can agree that hanging out with Mr. Met rules: 

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