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Albert Pujols hit two home runs to become the 26th member of the 500 home run club

Entering Tuesday night's game against the Washington Nationals, Albert Pujols was sitting on 498 home runs, having already hit seven in the month of April alone. The world was just getting ready to settle in and watch every at-bat with bated breath as he approached the vaunted 500 home run club. 

But Pujols doesn't like suspense. Just as he reads the AV Club's recap of TV shows he's hasn't seen yet or skips to the end of books like Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally, the Angels slugger decided to get the whole home run chase over in one night. 

In the first inning, Pujols flexed his massive muscles and launched a home run deep into the left field seats for number 499: 

Albert Pujols 499 HR

Four innings later, his arms somehow not tired from launching the first one, Pujols did it again. For variety, this time Pujols hit a two-run homer to center field, becoming just the 26th player in baseball history to belt 500 home runs. 

Albert Pujols 500
And if you're wondering just what the 500th home run ball looks like, here it is. For some reason, I'm surprised from the lack of burn marks.  

Now that Pujols has secured his place in the basball pantheon, what's next? 600 home runs? 700? Though he would never admit it publically, my guess is that Pujols is gunning to be the first player to hit a home run in outer space.