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2014 Fan Catch Hall of Fame: The Class of May

2014 Fan Catch Hall of Fame: May edition

May has been a solid month for baseball: George Springer decided he was bored hitting singles and opted to just mash homers instead, 50 Cent was presented the chance to throw a First Pitch or Die Tryin' and chose the latter option and we got a brand new crop of fan catches to induct into the 2014 Fan Catch Hall of Fame.

To recap, the Cut4 staff nominates a few worthy fan snares each month for enshrinement in the FCHoF. Those catches are then judged on four criteria: degree of difficulty, artistry, use of props (if applicable) and post-catch flair. The scores are averaged together, with the resulting final tally used to rank catches throughout the season.

Our reigning No. 1 catch -- Popcorn Pirate -- managed to post a stellar 7.8 in last month's installment:


Can our newest class of Gold Glove fans top it? Let's find out:


5/5/2014 -- Giants at Pirates


What we said then:

Is that?


Yes - with perhaps a bit of "Oooh Kill 'Em" mixed in. "Oooh Kill Em" should always be mixed in.

What we say now:

Obviously, this fan nailed the post-catch flair category, but our voters believed he left something to be desired on the other fronts. Ultimately, your feelings on this catch come down to whether you believe this beautifully executed dance to be overly contrived or a spur-of-the-moment performance. The FCHoF voters leaned toward the former, thus hurting both his artistry score and his final tally.

Final Score:



5/20/2014 -- Blue Jays at Red Sox


What we said then:

So smooth, bro. Now go finish eating your food. Also, go Whalers.

What we say now:

In many ways, this catch is unquantifiable. Is it a catch? Is there artistry? Or is it apathy? Does he fully grasp the chaotic circumstances that led to this moment? Or is this nonchalance by accident?

These are unanswerable questions, so while this catch garnered a somewhat average score, it very nearly transcends the concept of "score" itself. Maybe it'd be better suited to the Transcendendal Fan Catch Hall of Fame, which is not actually a hall, but a loosely-defined patch of forest near the Finger Lakes.

But in the regular FCHoF, it finishes with an average score.

Final Score:



5/1/2014 -- Rays at Red Sox


What we said then:

Yesterday's bright spot, though, came when a hooded Sox fan holding his cell phone and a beverage in one hand used the other to snag a Jose Molina foul ball in the third frame of the first game. And you'll be entirely unsurprised to notice that this man sports a beard.

What we say now:

At first glance, this is but a simple catch. When you really study it, however, you are able to see that the beauty is in its subtlety. 

Our voters (rightfully) gave this fan high marks across the board: a hard catch, a smooth grab and a hand full, followed by a subdued but worthy arm-raise. He is a jack-of-all-trades, but master-of-none. Every team needs a member like that to fill in the gaps, and the FCHoF is no different.

Welcome to the hallowed halls, good sir -- you shall fit in nicely.

Final score:


No one was able to dethrone Popcorn Pirate this month, though our bearded friend made a valiant effort. Check back in July to see which new snares made the cut, and click here to see the full 2014 Fan Catch Hall of Fame rankings

If you'd like to nominate a catch for enshrinement in the FCHoF, tweet us at @Cut4 and let us know.

And remember:

If you find yourself at the ballpark, with a foul tip coming right toward you, keep your eye on the ball. Immortality awaits.