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Billy Hamilton is finally caught stealing, proves he is but a man

Billy Hamilton finally caught stealing, is but a man

In the first four games of the season, Billy Hamilton stole seven bases. Seven. He's such a threat on the basepaths that he managed to wring a balk out of John Lackey simply by standing near him:


So what is Hamilton? Is he the soul of a cheetah magically trapped in a Reds uniform? A bullet train disguised as a center fielder? The concept of speed given form and made flesh?

Or is he just a man? Martin Maldonado gave us more proof for the latter during Thursday afternoon's Reds-Brewers game when he threw out Hamilton attempting to steal second:


With a single throw, Maldonado ended the Reds' 17-for-17 stolen base streak and Hamilton's personal 9-for-9 run.

So … does this work like the Elder Wand? Since the Brewers catcher defeated Hamilton, is he the fastest runner in baseball now? He last attempted a steal in 2012 (and was caught) but now that he has Hamilton's powers, he should be swiping bags left and right. 

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