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Jason Kipnis breaks a sweat in videobomb of Mike Aviles

Jason Kipnis videobombs Mike Aviles

When not singing Adele or getting into Clippers-related Twitter spats, Jason Kipnis is probably getting his swole on. On Friday, there was only one place to do it: directly behind Mike Aviles as he was being interviewed on MLB Network's The Rundown.

And when Kipnis was tuckered out from all that exercise, he had no choice but to rest atop Aviles' shoulder. It's what anyone in that situation would have done. 

Kipnis photobomb

With Brandon Phillips' videobomb of Ian Kennedy and now this, Ohio is going photobomb crazy. It's only a matter of time before President Taft returns from the grave to photobomb Rob Dyrdek during an episode of Fantasy Factory. (Taft and Dyrdek being two examples of "famous people from Ohio" I found on Google.) 

Taft photobomb

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