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Miguel Cabrera celebrates Adrian Beltre's 2,500th hit with ... a head rub

Cabrera celebrates Beltre's 2,500th hit with a head rub

Adrian Beltre doesn't like his head being touched. This has been well documented.

Beltre Red Sox

Beltre Red Sox 2

But just like how you should never admit to your friends that you like wine coolers lest they only buy you wine coolers, Beltre's hatred of people touching his head makes it all the more enticing.

When Adrian Beltre collected the 2,500th hit of his career in the bottom of the 2nd on Tuesday night, Miguel Cabrera had only one way to congratulate the slugger. 

Beltre's reaction is priceless as always. 

Cabrera and Beltre Round 2

Of course, this isn't the first time that Cabrera and Beltre have squared off. One month ago, while standing on third base, Cabrera couldn't resist going in for a head rub:

Cabrera and Beltre Round 1

With Cabrera leading the battle with two head rubs to none, Beltre will need to do something drastic the next time these two get together. I can't wait for Round Three. 

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