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Robinson Chirinos is wearing all of the sunglasses in Texas

Robinson Chirinos wears all the sunglasses in Texas

Here's a riddle for you - what baseball player has the highest WAR, but only shows up to day games? The answer: the sun! Oh, sorry, I should have clarified -- by "WAR" I meant "watts of radiation" and by "baseball player" I meant … well, baseball player. Just look at the sun fooling some of MLB's best:


But during Sunday's game against the A's, Rangers catcher Robinson Chirinos was ready to play the sun. He watched the tapes on his opponent and figured out the best method of defense:


Even behind the plate, you can never be too careful. But, if I'm wrong about that explanation, here are a few more:

- Chirinos is actually a spider-man (but not Spiderman) and has several pairs of eyes on his head, all of which need adequate protection from sunlight.

- He wanted to start a shaded eyewear business in some kind of single-story shack, but when he found out that already existed, he just changed his concept by one letter.

- He's so cool that he wants to wear sunglasses at night. But, that would probably interfere with his ability to see balls coming in his direction, so he's getting all of his sunglasses-wearing in now. 

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