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The Wrigley Field ivy caught a baseball and refuses to give it up

Wrigley Field ivy catches baseball, refuses to let go

If you were watching the Padres-Cubs game on Friday afternoon, chances are you saw Dexter Fowler smack a ball into deep left, just skating over the gloves of Justin Upton and Wil Myers. But someone (or something) did manage to catch it:


Fowler took second on a ground-rule double, but the take-away here is that the Wrigley Field ivy has gained sentience and is making highlight-worthy grabs now. And when the ivy catches something, it doesn't let go. Ever:


Further evidence that the Wrigley ivy is a trove of long-held treasures? When looking for Fowler's ball before Saturday's game, bench coach Dave Martinez pulled what appears to be a much older ball from the ivy:


As far as we know, Fowler's ball is still there, exploring the mysterious world beyond the leaves. But don't worry -- some things are returned to us: 


Additional reporting and photo by Sarah Trotto/

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