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Eight times baseball players thought they were playing soccer

8 times baseball players thought they were playing soccer

With the World Cup captivating audiences across the globe, soccer fever has even spread to the big leagues. And with all the goals, saves, red cards, kits, nils and whatnot, can you really blame them? 

After watching my first week of soccer ever, I'm now ready to intelligently break down the eight times that the National Pastime has crossed over with the Beautiful Game. Eat your heart out, Ian Darke. (And imagine everything below was written in an English accent. Really adds to the authenticity.)

Here Josh Donaldson winds up for a big kick, but he really fluffed his lines at the end of it:

Josh Donaldson

You know, this one looks a little familiar to me. Oh, yeah, this is it: 

Charlie Brown

Donaldson's teammate, Sonny Gray, square-balled this one with a scissor kick right to his keeper:  

Sonny Gray

And you want excitement? Watch as Paul O'Neill clears his lines to keep the Phillies out of the penalty area: 

Paul O'Neill kick

Keeper's gotta appreciate that bit of defensive footwork. 

Kyle Kendrick showed off a bit of an elastico on this bunt.

Kyle Kendrick

Showing a few shades of Messi, if you ask me: 

Josh Johnson had this beautiful flick on to Jose Reyes for the out:

Josh Johnson

Oh, but Reyes forgot that you're not allowed to use your hands. That's a soccer rule! Looks like a direct free kick for Boston on that one. 

And Dallas Keuchel showed off an inadvertent one-touch pass and couldn't help but smile. 

Dallas Keuchel

You know, you can't just park your bus ... what's that? Wrong time to use that term? Pip pip! 

Uhh ... and here Yasiel Puig actually plays soccer. With Cristiano Ronaldo. So there's that. 

Yasiel Puig

And for a bonus, or should I say stoppage time, Richard Prigatano of Long Beach State played a little freestyle football when making this catch: 

So look out. Because the next time you think you're watching baseball on the field, you may be watching "football" on the "pitch." And I should know. Because I'm an expert. 

UPDATE: Justin Verlander got caught up in the World Cup fever, too, showing off a little samba style that was almost too effective: 

Justin Verlander kick