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Dance king Munenori Kawasaki invents new birthday dance because of course he does

Munenori Kawasaki invents new birthday dance

Dance superstar and fan favorite Munenori Kawasaki turned 33 years old on Tuesday. After the Buffalo Bisons wished him a happy birthday on their video screen, Kawasaki responded with a a new routine that will surely become a tradition at all celebratory events.  

It's really simple and easy to do, just follow along: 

Step 1: Acknowledge the person wishing you a happy birthday

Kawsaki waves

This is just polite behavior. 

Step 2: Play "Run Around" by Blues Traveler on the harmonica

Blue's Traveler

Have you ever met someone who doesn't love Blues Traveler? Of course you haven't. 

Step 3: Struggle to read an ancient scroll

Kawasaki ancient scroll

This will let people know you believe in academic pursuits as well as athletic ones. 

Of course, this isn't the first time that Kawasaki has put his moves on display. No, far from it. 

Long ago, he became the undisputed dugout dance champ:

Dugout dance

And the reigning wink king


And his singing voice is second to none:

While I hope that Kawasaki plays baseball until the heat death of the universe, should he ever retire, he'll surely find plenty of success as a star of stage and screen.