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Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine reveal 'Chicks Dig the Long Ball' was their idea

Maddux and Glavine talk 'Chicks Dig the Long Ball'

Do you remember this commercial starring recently-inducted Hall of Famers Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine?

It turns out that ad was a bit more challenging to create than we had initially suspected. 

In an interview with Peter Gammons on Tuesday, Glavine talked about the sheer amount of filming required for the now-iconic TV spot, and how all of the requested takes led him to doubt its ultimate success:

"I remember at one point in time, just thinking, 'What are they doing with this? Where are we going here?' You know? Because I had no idea."

The end product wound up being pretty brilliant -- especially after Maddux had a chat with the director:

"He goes, 'Well, we want you to say something like: Girls really like home runs.' And we're like, that's not how we talk. We wouldn't say that."

The director then asked what Maddux and Glavine would actually say, and what they suggested was definitely a lot better:


And when he finally saw the completed ad, Maddux's reaction was a lot like all of ours:


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