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Prepare for the end! Horses at Giants game have learned how to grill, will surely take over the world!

Horses at Giants game have learned to grill, will soon take over the world

For generations, horses were humankind's most trusted companions. They were our valued steeds. Hopefully that friendship will be remembered when horses conquer the Earth, earning us cushy office jobs in their acid mines

At first, we found it cute when our horses were seen guzzling beer. We didn't consider the possibility that they were making their first steps to world domination. 

Horse beer

But now they're grilling, the surest sign of an advanced civilization. And how confident are we that it's not human meat that they're infusing with the delicious, smoky flavor of charcoal? 

Horse grill

I don't want to cause an unnecessary panic, but I just saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I know what this world will look like when the horses take over and humankind is forced into the stables.

I mean, what's next? A horse playing baseball? 

Mr. Ed

My god. We're doomed. 

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