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Hunter Pence reunited with his beloved scooter

Hunter Pence reunited with his beloved scooter

There are times when it feels like the good guys are always losing, that mankind will eventually give into darkness and entropy.

And then there are days like today. Days when scooter justice is carried out across the land. Days when Rust Cohle would say, "The light's winning." 

After Hunter Pence found his beloved scooter stolen from outside of San Francisco's Epic Roasthouse restaurant, the city went into red alert. Men, women, children, and intelligent breeds of dogs scoured the streets looking for Pence's preferred method of transportation. On Wednesday afternoon, Giants chef Joe Day revealed that it had been returned by the SFPD: 

Pence was so thankful for its safe return, he had no choice but to don a mask:

The reunion of man and scooter even had some unexpected benefits. Since Pence had already ordered a replacement, he said that he would donate the famous returned scooter to charity because "this was a 'Together We're Giant' type story where everyone had my back."

As manager Bruce Bochy said: "We can all sleep tonight. He got his scooter back." 

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