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Indians win with walk-off balk against Tigers

Indians win with walk-off balk against Tigers

The Indians are apparently filling out a "Ways to win a baseball game" bingo card. On Monday, their Twitter account went all Slyvia Browne on us and predicted Michael Brantley's game-winning home run. On Wednesday, the Indians won their third straight against the AL Central-leading Tigers on a walk-off balk. That's right, it was a #BalkOff. 

In the bottom of the 13th, Ryan Raburn came to the plate with the bases loaded and Al Albuquerque on the mound. Raburn dug in and ... that was it. The game was over before the pitch was ever thrown, Albuquerque's flinch towards the plate bringing in the winning run.  

Balk off

For the intellectually curious, it was the first game-ending balk since July 4, 2011 when the Royals' Aaron Crow did it against the White Sox

While the Indians have embraced chickens in the past, I wonder if this game will bring renewed support for the animal. Because we all know what sound a chicken makes, right? 

No. No, they say, "balk." 

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